Third Party Billing Office

The Third Party Billing Office assists students whose attendance at the University is sponsored by public/private sector, military agencies, educational institutions, and international embassies. The office prepares and sends bills for tuition and associated costs, maintaining agency and student accounts, and handles all correspondence regarding third party contractual arrangements.

Important Information: Students must provide a third party authorization or government training voucher to the Third Party Billing Office before the payment due date (for payment schedule by semester, please see Calendars) and pay any remaining balance that the authorization may not cover. Otherwise, a late payment fee of up to $125 may be assessed.

Documentation must be submitted through the student portal below:

Financial Guarantee/Authorizations Student Portal

Note: If you are using a Mason computer and having trouble accessing the link, please try clearing your cache or try a different browser.

Prior to submitting an authorization, please read the Third Party Authorization Requirements and Tuition Assistance & Military Procedures for Students.  for Students. Students are ultimately responsible for any default in payment by the sponsoring agency.

Every student participating in the Third Party payment arrangement will be assessed a mandatory $25 Third Party Processing Fee each semester.

Notice to International Sponsors: Third Party Billing does not bill outside of the US.


New: Third Party Billing Office inquiries may be sent to our new email address,

Tuition rates are available in the Tuition & Fees tab.

See deadlines in the Calendars section of the web site.

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