Policies and Procedures

Form NameTypeDepartment
125 Percent Surcharge PolicyPolicyStudent Accounts Office
Cash Handling Policies (#2105)PolicyCashier's Office
Cash Transactions ProceduresProcedureCashier's Office
Expenditure Refund GuideProcedureCashier's Office
Credit Card and Debit Card Security (#2110)PolicyCashier's Office
Employee Tuition Exemption Benefit (#2209)PolicyStudent Accounts Office
Mercatus Tuition Exemption ProcedureProcedureStudent Accounts Office
International ACH RulesPolicyStudent Accounts Office
Refund ProcedureProcedureStudent Accounts Office
Returned Item PenaltiesProcedureStudent Accounts Office
Third Party Tuition Assistance & Military ProceduresProcedureThird Party Billing Office
Tuition Exception Criteria and ProceduresProcedureStudent Accounts Office
Choice ActProcedureStudent Accounts Office