Frequently Asked Questions


Hours of Operation and Location

What are your hours of operation and where are you located?

A: The Student Accounts Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We are located in Suite 1600 Student Union Building I.


Balance, Billing and Payment Information

What is my balance?

A: Balances may be verified via Patriot Web or the Bill+Payment System. For Patriot Web, navigate to the Account Detail for Term page in the Student Accounts section. Account Detail for Term provides semester charges, payments, and approved but pending future payments, such as Financial Aid or Third Party memos. The Bill and Payment System displays the current balance of the account as soon as you log in.

Will I receive a bill for my classes?

A: Electronic bills are generated approximately one month prior to the start of each semester. Reminder bills are not mailed for additional charges or schedule adjustments. Electronic bills are available for review in the Bill+Payment System. When these bills are created, an email is sent to the student’s Mason email account and to any authorized users who are set up in the payment system. Failure to receive a reminder bill confirming your charges does not waive the requirement to make the payment prior to the due date.

How do I pay using my credit card?

A. Payments using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and electronic checks (from personal checking accounts only) can be made using the Bill+Payment System up until 10:30 PM nightly on Patriot Web. Patriot Web is also unavailable Sundays between 7:00 AM and 11:15 AM (U.S. Eastern Time Zone) for maintenance.

Having trouble logging into the Bill and Payment System?

A. If you receive the message “Missing PIDM”, resetting your password may resolve the issue:

Once your password has been reset, please try to log into the system again.

The Student Accounts Office is not able to reset passwords for the Bill and Payment System. For authorized users, your student will need to reset your information in the Bill and Payment System (delete user and then re-authorize to generate a new password).

Please ensure your browser meets the minimum requirements for the Bill and Payment system: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, or Apple Safari 3.0 or higher. JavaScript must be enabled.

I want to pay in person, where should I go?

A. In person payments are available at the Cashier’s Office, SUB I Room 1501, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. There is also a drop box (no cash payments accepted) outside the Cashier’s Office. Payments may also be mailed to:

George Mason University
Cashier’s Office, MS 2E1
4400 University Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

What payment plans are available?

A. Mason payment plans are available online for students who need to budget their accounts. A $25 contract fee, is required at the time of enrollment. The contract fee is nonrefundable. Study Abroad/Global Education fee payments cannot be deferred. Failure to pay the deferred balance by the due date will result in financial hold, a late fee of 10% (up to $125), collection activity, and may prevent future eligibility of the payment plan.

To view the plans available for enrollment, please visit the Bill+Payment System.


Refunds and Financial Aid

Do I need to submit a refund request for Financial Aid?

A. A refund request form is not needed for financial aid refunds. Overpayments from Financial Aid awards will automatically generate a refund check, which is mailed to the address on file with the University.

Can I use my Financial Aid to pay for my Mason Payment Plan?

A. When calculating your Mason Payment Plan budget, your financial aid award is only factored in when you are determining your balance due to GMU. It may not be used as the down payment.

When will I receive my refund for account credits from non-Financial Aid sources, such as overpayments?

A. After submitting a refund request, your refund will be processed within 7-10 business days. For more information, please review the refund process.

Can funds be transferred from my student account to the bookstore?

A. Credit balances are not transferrable to the bookstore. Students can request a refund of the credit balance if they are not receiving Financial Aid, and the credit is due from an overpayment.


Account Holds

Can you release library and/or parking holds?

A. No, only the library and/or parking services can release their holds. We can only release student account holds.


Tuition Liability Information

What is the Add/Drop policy?

A. For information, please refer to the Registrar’s FAQ page.


Domicile and In State Residency

My tuition shows that I am being charged the out-of-state rate but I should be in-state. How can this be adjusted?

A. You must contact the Domicile office with questions regarding your domicile status. You may visit their web site or contact them at 703-993-2464.


Late Schedule Adjustments

I have a late schedule adjustment that needs to be signed by the Student Accounts Office. What is the process?

A. The late schedule adjustment form must be sent to our office in person or by fax. We will inform you of the pre-payment amount, which is required for all late schedule adjustments. Please keep in mind the amount of the pre-payment is an ESTIMATE. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all charges are paid by checking your account on Patriot Web after the class registration is complete. If additional fees are due, it is the student’s responsibility to make the payment or incur additional penalties.


Enrollment over 16 credits (Undergraduate Students Only)

What is the rate if I am enrolled for more than 16 credits?

A. If you are enrolled as a full time student with 12-16 credit hours, you are charged the same tuition rate. However, if you exceed 16 credits, the tuition for the extra credits are assessed at the rate per credit hour. The current rates are available in our Tuition & Fees section.


Procedures for Post 9/11 GI Bill Applicants

How do I receive Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) GI Bill benefits?

A: Please refer to the Registrar’s Office website for complete instructions on initiating your benefits:

What is the VRRF and when do I have to fill it out?

A: VRRF stands for Veterans Registration Reporting Form. The VRRF must be submitted after students register for classes at the beginning of every semester, and anytime a schedule change is made.

My tuition is to be covered by the GI Bill, but I received a bill for my tuition and fees, why?

A: Have you turned in your VRRF?

If No: You must submit a VRRF every semester and after every schedule adjustment so that a memo can be placed on your account for the payment expected from the VA.

If Yes: Do to high submission rates it may take two weeks to process your VRRF and have a memo credit applied to your account. Please allow time for your VRRF to process.

Why did I receive information stating Mason did not certify my tuition and fees?

A: In accordance with VA net-tuition requirements, certification without tuition and fees is first completed by Registrar’s Office staff. After the deadline to drop classes Third Party Billing amends the certification by adding tuition and fees. This process reduces overpayments and debt issues while expediting other payments from VA, such as BAH and book stipends.

Why does George Mason University wait to bill the VA until after the add/drop deadline?

A: George Mason participates in dual certification, which allows our veterans to start receiving their BAH and book stipend sooner, while significantly reducing the amount of over-payments and debt issues associated with class and schedule changes.

Why do I have to pay my enrollment deposit if I am covered by the GI Bill?

A: The enrollment deposit is the financial commitment a prospective student makes to attend Mason. The VA will not pay for the enrollment deposit because it is refundable and can be returned to the student after the student is in attendance or used to offset other financial obligations.


Disclosure of Student Account Information

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides privacy protection of a student’s educational record and restricts the release of those records without the student’s consent. Students who would like the Student Accounts Office to discuss their account with other person(s) or organization(s) must complete and return the release form which can be found here:



Where is the deposit I sent in?

A: Deposits are the financial commitment to attend Mason and, if applicable, to reside in University housing. Deposits are credited to student accounts as follows:

  • Fall Enrollment: July 1st
  • Spring Enrollment: January 1st
  • Housing Deposits: October 1st

Please note: Housing deposits are not released until after the Fall semester due date. Fall balances must be paid in full and submitted on time to avoid penalties. The Housing deposit may later be refunded or used to offset Spring charges.


Cashier’s Office Info

Where is the Cashier’s Office located?

A: Student Union I Building lower level.

What are the Cashier’s Office hours of operation?

A: The hours are: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone or in person?

A: No, you must make credit card payments via Patriot Web.


Third Party Billing Info

What is Third Party billing?

A. The Third Party billing office invoices military departments, international embassies, public /private sector organizations, and educational institutions for tuition charges and associated fees for students.

What is the Third Party billing process?

A. Students provide the agency approved documents to the Third Party office to defer their tuition while the Third Party office invoices their paying agencies.

What do you require?

A. Students must provide the Third Party billing office with an approved payment authorization, financial guarantee letter, or training authorization form prior to the due date.

What is the due date for Third Party?

A. The due date for accepting Third-Party Billing authorizations is posted in Calendars. However, your tuition and fee payment due date is based on your registration date. To avoid being charged late payment penalties, payment arrangements must be completed by your tuition payment due date.

How do I know that you have processed my financial guarantee?

A. When your financial guarantee is processed, the deferred payment amount will appear as a memo credit on the Account Detail for Term page in the Student Accounts section of Patriot Web. If the full balance is being covered by the sponsoring agency, no balance due will show in the lower right hand column of the webpage.

When do you invoice my agency?

A. We will invoice your agency after the add/drop date has passed.

What happens if my agency does not submit payment?

A. If your agency does not cover the balance of your tuition payment after two (2) invoices have been sent, you will be responsible for payment.

I have just checked my account on Patriot Web and my agency has not submitted payment. Do I need to be concerned?

A. The Third Party Billing Office sends agency bills approximately 10 days after the drop deadline of each semester. If you do not see your agency payment 75 days after the semester start, you should contact us.