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What is First Day™?

The bookstore’s  First Day™ Program is an inclusive access model that provides delivery of a publisher’s digital content within Blackboard for students to access on the first day of class. The ebook and digital resources previously accessed with an “access code” are now obtained through the First Day™ Program which is integrated into the course through Blackboard. This benefits students by offering the convenience of paying for course materials with tuition and fees, eliminating the wait time in bookstore lines, and ensuring that all students are prepared for the first day of class with access to the correct materials.

First Day™ FAQs

How do I access my course materials?

A. Course materials are available through Blackboard by the first day of class.

Can I opt-out of purchasing my materials through First Day™?

A. Yes, you may opt-out of First Day™ materials through Blackboard, but will be responsible for obtaining the required material on your own, which can result in higher costs.  The option to opt-out is only available through the drop period for your course.  Mason will be notified of your opt out after the drop period.  Please allow a week for the corresponding course materials fee to be removed from you account once the drop period has passed.

What happens if I drop the course?

A. The course materials fee is subject to the same liability deadlines as tuition for the course.  If you drop the course before the last day to add/drop, your access to material will be removed.

What courses currently participate in the First Day™ program and what is the fee?

CourseFee to student with First Day™
ACCT 203$126.71
BIOL 102$45.49
BIOL 103$45.49
BIOL 213$74.99
BULE 303$103.33
CHEM 313$68.75
CHEM 314$68.75
HEAL 110$72.61
HEAL 230$75.00
HEAL 325$75.00
IT 105$97.85
KINE 320$79.45
KINE 420$117.29
MATH 106$85.53
MBUS 300$119.45
MGMT 303$113.54
MGMT 431$46.25
NUTR 295$79.45
STAT 250$79.85

Summer 2023 Course Materials Fees
Spring 2023 Course Materials Fees

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